Monday, September 19, 2011

Business Letter

This letter is meant to be sent to ms. Phillips in regard to translation services being offered. The Sales manager used a letter format and is effective in using the format correctly. The letter includes the date, inside adress, salutation, body and complimentary close. Although the format is correct, the wording in this letter could be fixed to make it sound better and more effective. The letter could be more personal than it is to ensure the reader has a better understanding. The letter is short and to the point, leaving no room for misinterpretation. This letter is effective, but could also be fixed to make it even better than it is.

Thursday, September 15, 2011

Business Web Sites

I think that business websites that use overly formal, corporate speech should change the way they write. They should think more about the users reading their websites than making it sound formal. By using different forms of communication, these businesses can have a better outcome by their readers. The readers will be able to connect with it more if they use language that is well known and easier to understand. I think companies still communicate this way because they want to seem as if they are more professional than others by using different language. In reality, using simpler language will make the company better because more readers will understand and therefor be interested in that business.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Email Assignment

The attached inter-office e-mail was insufficient because it uses unfamiliar words that everyone might not understand. The e-mail could also use shorter words instead to ensure that all workers can make sense of. It should also use less technical words. The writer did not adapt well during this e-mail and did not make sure that all readers would be able to efficiently understand what he was trying to say.

Monday, August 29, 2011

Assignment 1

The LinkedIn blog shows how the company can be fun while still learning the work that needs to be done. This blog lets its readers see all that the interns do to learn and grow in their internship. This is a form of business communication because it highlights aspects within the business that would attract others into joining the company as well.
In the Zappos blog, it emphasizes the good done for others and helps the reader understand that the company still believes in the important things. It benefits the company and is a form of business communications because it shows a side of the company others might not know about otherwise. The letter was also helpful because it helps the reader see that others feel the same way about the good the company does.
WholeFood1- This blog is targeted to children and is also used to show the importance of recycling. It is a way to show children how to be creative while being good to the environment. It teaches them how to make a garden that is environmentally friendly. This blog benefits the company because it helps kids start good habits early and it will be responsible for the good choices they make in the future.
WholeFood2- This blog is created to help everyone stay healthy while back at school. Informing readers of how to stay healthy can benefit them because they will be responsible for keeping their readers healthy and happy. This blog is great for the company because the winners get giftcards to shop at the store, which can gain them more customers.


My name is Mianna Specht. I am creating this blog because I will be discussing the purpose of blogs in business communication. I will be looking at different blogs within businesses and try to find the importance of these blogs. I will talk about what the represent and how they make communication in business easier. I am taking this class because I think it will help me learn about more about the different ways to communicate. I hope to learn better ways to communicate as well and to improve and learn skills of communication. I also think this class might be able to help me figure out what I would like to do as a career.